Transak's Staging Environment Empowers Testing of Failed Orders and Refunds with Ease!" 🛠️💳

Our partners can now simulate failed and refunded orders in the staging environment, allowing them to experience and handle negative scenarios.

How does this feature work?

Step 1: Add +refund prefix to test refund orders and +failed to test failed orders to your email address.

For Eg: If your Email address is [email protected] , then the refund and failed orders email should be of the below format:

Actual EmailRefund orders EmailFailed orders Email
[email protected][email protected][email protected]

Step 2: Complete payment using Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay or click on I Have Paid in the Transak order flow.

Step 3: Great! Now, the order will be either refunded or failed. The order status flow will then update to REFUNDED for the email address - [email protected] or FAILED for the email address - [email protected]

💡 Hint:

Gmail Plus Addressing: In Gmail, you can add a “+” symbol and any word you want to the end of your email address, and it will still reach your inbox.