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Made IMPS transaction but i couldn't click on the I have paid

I have made IMPS transaction to bank account number has mentioned in the transack. but when i try to click on the I have paid button it is not enabled. Due to that i couldn't claim my token. What should i do, when or how it will be enabled. please suggest

transaction has over 80 confirmations and i havent gotten a payout as yet it still says proecessing

transaction has over 80 confirmations and i haven't gotten a payout as yet it still says processing Order ID 14ef9ad5-f672-4140-b480-a002c9bd01a4

Order history still says transferring

Hello Order id 31dd47b9-a964-4edd-ac04-5ed0128ffda1 I've used transak before and usually it's quite instant but it's been over an hour and it still hasn't appeared in my trust wallet.

I didn't make a payment but I've got multiple charges on the same payment

I didn’t make any payment but my bank account got multiple charged on the same bill can you fix it for me asap please


i would like a refund to my transaction i did on may 11 , cause i got scammed

Why can't I sell my ETH to my bank account. It just keeps processing but never transfers. I need my money!!

What's wrong with selling ETH from Metamask? I can't get my money out.


Hello, I tried to open an order to buy cryptocurrencies but it failed, what is the problem?

Why is my transaction taking so long?

I bought USDT with GBP to the amount of £24. This was at 09.39 this morning. It just says transferring to crypto ever since, it states the transaction should take 1 to 3 minutes. Order id: 393c657f-4b2b-4785-83f0-48c014fb7264

My order status is "transferring crypto" for the past hour

order number: ea0ac8cb-96c3-4aa9-9a31-e43e5f33e89b

Transak status stuck on transferring crypto

I have this issue where my money was stuck on the status transferring crypto. Usually it takes no more than 5 minutes for the money to arrive in the wallet now it just shows transferring