∫ Integration options

In order to provide you with a seamless user journey and experience, Transak integrations are flexible to accommodate any kind of app.

Select the platform or language that powers your app below for detailed instructions of how to add Transak.

All of the integration options can be customized. For more info on customization, please refer customization options :

  1. Browser
  2. SDK Integration
  3. White label

Browser Integration

It's the fastest and easiest way to integrate with Transak. The widget can be directly embedded on your website or you can use a button.

Browser Integration

SDK integration

Choose the platform or language that runs your app if you want to integrate the Transak widget.
There are two types of SDK integrations we provide:

  1. Web SDK integration
  2. Mobile SDK Integration

White label

Using our white label integration, you can provide users with their own interface to buy crypto.

White Label Integration



A fully white label API solution is in still in development , please contact our Partner Support for more info.