⚡️ NFT Checkout

What is NFT Checkout?

With Transak’s NFT checkout solution you can allow your users to buy or mint NFT with fiat currency in just a single step!

This means no more hassle of finding liquidity to add crypto to your wallet, understanding complex signatures and signing a transaction.

Just a simple one-click NFT solution where users buy NFTs with fiat.

Problem and Solution

User flow before NFT Checkout:

Each of these steps require technical understanding, time to execute different transactions, and charge transaction (gas) fees, resulting in higher drop offs, lower conversion rates and a bad user experience for the user. This complexity unfortunately makes a lot of NFT marketplaces unfriendly to the end user.

User flow after Transak’s NFT Checkout:

User Flow for NFT Checkout is:

  • User clicks on “Buy NFT with fiat”
  • First time users need to go through our simple one-time KYC
  • After this user can simply complete the fiat payment through their preferred mode of payment, every time they want to buy NFTs on a supported dapp. That’t it!
  • Behind the scenes we combine and perform all of the required transactions i.e. transferring the crypto as well as initiating and interacting with the dApp protocol smart contract on behalf of the user.



Transak is a complement, and not a substitute, to your existing crypto payment methods. You can continue to allow your customers to purchase directly using their wallet and buying in the NFT's native currency. But by giving user’s an option to pay with credit card, Transak increases the conversion rates on your platform drastically.

Plus we support all types of partners like:

  • Individual collections
  • Agencies and no-code launchpads
  • Marketplaces
  • Start-ups and enterprises: gaming, loyalty, memberships, subscriptions and more

Why choose Transak?

FeatureTransakOther Competitors
Multiple mints✅ Unlimited (Learn more)❌ Max 5
Cryptocurrency support✅ Any token supported❌ Only native token or USDC
Smart contract requirements✅ Any custom contract❌ Your contract must accept buyer's wallet address
Transaction limits✅ Min $0.01❌ Min $3-$5
Smart contract supported✅ Self-serve for any custom contract❌ Limited types of contract
Chargeback protection✅ Yes✅ Yes

Note for Multiple Mints: This feature is available for both primary sales and available for secondary sales only if all the NFTs are of the same collection.

Geographies and Payment methods supported

Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Google Pay in 188 countries.

(American Express, Diners club, Discover to be supported soon)

Understanding your use case

  1. For marketplaces with custom contracts: If you are a Marketplace with your own custom marketplace contract and want your buyers to buy/mint NFTs on your platform with fiat, please refer to our For Marketplaces with Custom Contract page for more details.
  2. For NFT collections on secondary marketplaces: If you are a NFT collection and want your buyers to be able to purchase your NFTs on your website with fiat from listings found on Opensea, Rarible, LooksRare and 12 other marketplaces, please refer to our For NFT collections on Secondary Marketplaces page for more details.


There are no fees charged to partner or business. Network and Processing fees are charged directly to the buyer of the NFT.

Prerequisites from Partner’s Marketplace smart contract?

We support all types of custom marketplace smart contracts (marketplace contracts that enable trading of NFTs) for both primary and secondary sales of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 on major NFT chains.

We do not have any prerequisite like your function needs to accept recipient's wallet address.

Even if your smart contract function doesn’t accept buyer's wallet address as a parameter we’ll be able to deliver NFT to the user.

So no matter what type of custom smart contract you have - you can use Transak's NFT Checkout solution to allow your users to buy NFTs with fiat.

The only requirement we have is that the smart contract of the NFT collection being sold should be ERC-721, ERC-721A and ERC-1155 compliant. Email to us at [email protected] if you have a custom requirement.

Note: it is preferable that your custom contract is verified on the respective blockchain scanner like Etherscan, Polygonscan, etc.

Cryptocurrencies supported

We can support all 170 cryptocurrencies on 75+ blockchains in 155+ countries.

You can find the complete list of supported cryptocurrencies and networks here.

Blockchains supported

We can support all EVM compatible chains and any other chain on request.

Currently out of the box supported EVM blockchains:

BlockchainCustom MarketplaceReservoir Marketplace
AvalancheCan be supported
BaseCan be supported
Binance Smart Chain
Immutable zkEVM
LineaCan be supported
Polygon zkEVMCan be supported
zkSyncCan be supported

If you need support for any other blockchain, contact us at [email protected]

What type of sales and NFT type do we support?

We support both primary and secondary sales of ERC-721, ERC-721A and ERC-1155 on all major NFT chains.

Contract Types Supported

For EVM chains: ERC721, ERC721A, ERC1155, thirdweb, Seaport, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, Zora, Foundation, CoinbaseNFT, Rarible, Sudoswap, Manifold Gallery, Reservoir, etc.

Buying multiple NFTs in a single transaction

Does the NFT type need to be the same for all NFTs in a multiple NFT transaction?No, you can have both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 in the same transaction.

Note: This is supported for primary & secondary sales but only if the smart contract address to mint/buy both type of NFTs is the same
Can I buy NFTs from different collections in a single transaction?No, currently Transak allow buyers to only buy multiple NFTs of the same collection.
Does the blockchain need to be the same for all NFTs in a group?Yes. All NFTs in a transaction need to be part of the same blockchain.
How many NFTs can be grouped into a single order?We don’t have any limits on the number of NFTs that can be minted in a single order. It is only limited by the gas limit of the blockchain.
If one NFT fails to deliver or purchase in a group purchase, what happens?In this case, we refund the user the entire amount they paid.

And no NFT will be minted from your smart contract, preserving the NFT and it’s provenance.