This feature will allow you to onboard users onto the Transak platform who have already completed your KYC process. These users won't have to go through Transak's KYC process and will be able to buy crypto straight away.



To enable this feature you must reach out to our sales team at [email protected].


To Authorize the API request, you need to pass Access Token (You can refer Generate Access Token
to get one) in the headers of all API requests.

Below we describe the process to onboard a user onto the Transak platform via our KYC Reliance API:

Step 1: Create / Update User

Using this Create / Update User API, you create or update a user in Transak database with their basic details.



A user whose KYC has already been submitted cannot be updated.

Step 2: Create KYC Session

With this Create KYC Session API you create a KYC session for the previously created user. The API response contains the session ID and a list of KYC checks that need to be fulfilled for the user. These documents will be submitted in the next API call using the session ID.

Step 3: Submit KYC Documents

Using this Submit KYC Documents API, you submit the KYC documents needed for the checks received in the previous API. Include the previously received session ID in the body of the API request.

Step 4: Submit KYC Session

This is the last step in which you will submit the KYC session using Submit KYC Session API and the KYC for your user will be completed.

Get KYC Session

This Get KYC Session API can be used to get the details of KYC session for a particular user.


This feature can be used in two ways:

  1. Bulk Onboarding of already KYC approved users onto the Transak platform. The above steps can be performed for any number of users in sequence to bulk onboard the users.
  2. Continuous onboarding of users onto the Transak platform. When a new user joins your platform, you can follow the above steps to also onboard them onto Transak.


Reachout to Us

If you get 500 Internal Server Error in any API's response, reach out to our partner support team at [email protected].